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Do you also find it so difficult to guess foods when your eyes are closed while you do so and can't "eat along"? Or have you ever held your nose while eating something? Everything tastes much more bland if we can't use all five of our senses. That's why we believe that tasting Grand Cru chocolate should be a feast for all our senses.

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But let's start at the very beginning. Not only how we taste chocolate is important, but also in which order. Perhaps you have already had the pleasure of a wine tasting at some point in your life. As with wine, we start our chocolate tastings with the lightest white chocolate product, followed by milk chocolate. We only taste the dark chocolate varieties at the end, as their intensity would drown out the finer notes of the light varieties and you would no longer be able to taste the multi-layered aromas.


When it comes to the actual tasting, we always use our five senses. We start with our eyes. Look at the chocolate bar, the praline or the SchoggiPlättli. Is the surface nice and smooth and does it have a nice sheen? Then your sense of touch comes into play. Chocolate should feel firm and smooth in your hands. As soon as it has landed in your mouth, it can melt with pleasure. And don't forget your sense of hearing. Especially if you have a chocolate bar in front of you, it should make a nice cracking sound when you break it next to your ear. This indicates that the chocolate has been well stored and carefully processed. As a fourth sense, our nose is of course also very important. Do you smell the products first, what notes and tastes can you make out? In many cases, flavors even seem more intense or different to us when we perceive them only with our nose. Finally, we dedicate ourselves extensively to our sense of taste. Let the products slowly melt in your mouth and use your tongue to absorb all the different tastes that the product offers you. This doesn't just mean ingredients like fruits or nuts, but also the different flavors you can taste from the chocolate itself. From fruity sweet to smoky and tart, the spectrum of cocoa bouquets and intensities is huge.


If you want to learn more about the differences between our cocoa varieties, stop by the "Our Cocoas" page, where you can read all about your favorite choggi.


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