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The taste is in the origin

Blood oranges, black tea, tobacco or vanilla - flavors from trees, virgin forests or rivers in Asia, South America and the Caribbean are the decisive and special characteristics of our "Single Origin" chocolates. As the name suggests, a "single origin" chocolate comes from a single plantation or region of origin and is thus shaped by local conditions. The special notes of the environment are reflected in the cocoa and give the fine Grand Cru chocolates an extraordinary kick.

Our partner for fair chocolate

We obtain the basic mass of our Grand Cru chocolates, the so-called couverture, from Max Felchlin AG in Ibach in the canton of Schwyz. This is a collaboration of which we are proud: The traditional company attaches great importance to sustainable and fair trade. Felchlin knows many of its cocoa farmers personally, guarantees them a long-term cooperation as well as a secure income. The farmers receive a cocoa price above the usual fair trade level, which allows them and their families a good standard of living; the children can go to school as a result. Sustainability is also close to Felchlin's heart when it comes to managing the cocoa plantations: it always takes place in harmony with nature. Natural resources, such as energy and water, are conserved as much as possible during the transport and processing of the beans, and the various manufacturing processes in the factory in Schwyz are constantly improved.

Since 2022, we have found a new partner for our Grand Cru chocolates, alongside Felchlin, in Original Beans. Original Beans is committed to sustainable and fair cocoa cultivation and reforests the forests in the cocoa regions together with the cocoa farmers. With this regenerative approach, they have already been able to grow more than 2 million trees.

How cocoa gets to Switzerland

Cacao grows in the warm, subtropical areas of South America, West Africa, Asia and the Caribbean: cacao trees love warmth, rain and shade. In the right conditions: trees starts to bear fruit after five to six years, showing their full splendour only at about twelve years of age. The cacao fruits grow directly on the trunk and can be harvested four times a year, with certain special varieties only grow during specific times of year. When harvesting, the cocoa farmers very carefully separate the ripe fruit from the trunk with the help of a sharp knife. The fruit is gently opened with a sharp utensil and the seeds and pulp are removed from the skin. For fermentation, the seeds and pulp are placed in a large wooden box or on the forest floor, where they are covered with large leaves. After fermentation, the beans are placed in the sun to dry and are sorted according to size and quality. In a jute or special plastic bag, they are then shipped to Switzerland in large containers. Here, the fresh cocoa beans go through many different steps (cleaning, roasting, crushing, grinding, kneading and rolling) until they finally enjoy the comforting warmth of the conche: hours of moving and aerating give the beans their unique aromas and flavours, which is what makes the finest Grand Cru chocolates even more special.

Discover the origin of our cocoas

Java, Indonesia

Our cocoas

White chocolate

Opus Blanc Sélection 35% - House Chocolate

White Grand Cru chocolate with cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic.

Alpine meets Caribbean: In the "Opus Blanc Sélection 35%" chocolate, hay milk from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and cocoa butter from the distant Dominican Republic melt into pure seduction. Milk flavours accompanied by fine meadow blossom honey and a creamy melting lead to a first-class pleasure experience. Mild marzipan and vanilla notes refine the finish.

Milk chocolate

Rio Huimbi 42%

Grand Cru milk chocolate from Esmeraldas in Ecuador.

From the hinterland of the Ecuadorian province of Esmeraldas, located on the Wimbi River (Huimbi). The first bite into the "Rio Huimbi 42%" chocolate is strongly characterized by cocoa notes and pleasant whole milk aromas. Fine caramel and subtle malt flavors complement this duet. Nutty butter and a delicately flattering sweetness complete the finish.

Milk chocolate

Bolivia 45%- House Chocolate

Grand Cru milk chocolate from Beni in Bolivia.

The extremely rare wild cocoa from Bolivia forms the basis of this exceptional couverture. The certified and very nutritious milk powder comes from the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. These special ingredients are refined during a 60-hour conching process in a longitudinal driver conche, which is very impressive for milk couvertures. These exclusive raw materials combined with many years of experience in the manufacturing processes result in a unique, intense and extremely harmonious milk couverture.

Milk chocolate

Maracaibo Créole 49%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from Sur del Lago in Venezuela.

Originating from Sur del Lago, the "Maracaibo Créole 49%" chocolate convinces with its creaminess paired with an exquisite cream caramel note - the long conching process brings out bourbon vanilla aromas and a hint of honey. A freshly fruity raspberry note caresses the finish and gives the fine chocolate that certain something.

Dark chocolate

Java 64%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from Jember in Indonesia.

Intense, tart, fruity - the volcanic region in the Indonesian Jember gives the "Java 64%" chocolate a pronounced tobacco and coffee note. At the same time, however, it also has a sweet side: thanks to 72 hours in the longitudinal driver conche, wonderful fruity aromas of blackberries and dried figs emerge, which in turn are caressed by a strong peat note.

Dark chocolate

Esmeraldas Dark 65%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from Ecuador.

Floral notes of tropical fruit and nuts balance each other in this Nacional cocoa as gently as the sloths as the sloths that hide in Ecuador's last cloud forest. cloud forest. This Ecuadorian chocolate combines the notes of flowers, tropical fruits and nuts and nuts with subtle influences of caramel and green tea. This chocolate is certified organic.

Dark chocolate

Madagascar 68% - House Chocolate

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from the Sambiran in Madagascar

Originating from the catchment area of the Sambirano River in the northwest of Madagascar, the Trinitario fine flavoured cocoa presents itself very balanced and fruity. A light hazelnut roast aroma and a fresh note of wild berries give the "Madagascar 68%" chocolate a special taste. The traditionally gentle manufacturing process in the longitudinal driver's conche brings out a subtle fruit acidity, which is surrounded by a hint of cloves and cedar wood and is expressed in a harmonious way in a long finish.

Dark chocolate

Bolivia 68%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from Beni in Bolivia.

Unique and rare. The wild "Criollo Amazonico" cocoa used for the "Bolivia 68%" chocolate from the Beni province in the lowlands of Bolivia is collected by Chimane Indians in the rainforest. The Bolivian wild cocoa beans are smaller than their siblings and usually grow together on small "cocoa islands". Because of their size, international chocolate traders have long paid no attention to this exceptional cocoa bean. Incomprehensible today, the chocolate offers an unforgettable and long-lasting pleasure experience: it is characterised by its rich and harmonious cocoa notes, which are refined by gentle lemon, grapefruit and prune aromas.

Dark chocolate

Virunga 70%

Grand Cru dark chocolate from eastern Congo.

Notes of morello cherries, earthy chocolate and black tea black tea reveal themselves in this rare Amelonado cocoa. The depth of the flavors embodies the quiet power of the last of the last mountain gorillas living in Virunga National Park. live. Originating in the eastern Congo, this chocolate combines strong flavors with fruity accompaniments of berries and nuts. fruity accompaniments of berries and nuts. This dark chocolate is certified organic.

Dark chocolate

Elvesia 74%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from the Elvesia plantations in the Dominican Republic.

How Helvetia came to the Caribbean: Around 200 years ago, Swiss emigrants settled on an estate called Helvetia on the Samaná peninsula in the Dominican Republic. They began to grow Criollo and Trinitario cocoa on their estate. Today, the estate is still called Hacienda Elvesia in Spanish; hence the name of our "Elvesia 74%" Grand Cru chocolate. It is refined for 72 hours in the longitudinal driver conche. Delicate black tea tones and a mild tobacco note accompany the noble cocoa, orange and grapefruit aromas crown the fruity finish.

Dark chocolate

Arhuaco 82%

Dark Grand Cru chocolate from Colombia.

Notes of sweet spices, licorice and sesame gently rise in this select gently in this select tribal Businchari bean from Colombia. They reflect the ancient Arhuaco traditions, that preserve the balance of the universe. This taste experience is accompanied by secondary notes of lemon and lemongrass. This fine dark chocolate is certified organic.