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Can I buy products at Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio?

No, the Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio is not a point of sale for the products. However, online orders can be picked up.

What is the difference between the Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio and the Boutique?

The Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio is the home of the studio, the office team and a large event location. In the Event and Design Studio all Max Chocolatier products are designed, manufactured and packaged. In addition, most workshops take place in the Event and Design Studio. However, the Event and Design Studio is not a sales location for the products.

The boutique is the point of sale for our products.

Since when has Max Chocolatier existed ?

Max Chocolatier was founded in 2009 and the first boutique opened in Lucerne. The second boutique in Zurich followed in 2011.

What does "all natural" mean at Max Chocolatier?

We do not use any artificial preservatives or colourings. The only E-numbers you will find on our product descriptions are soya lecithin and citric acid. Both are naturally occurring additives. Soya lecithin is used as an emulsifier to stabilise various Felchlin chocolate products. Our food-grade colours consist of purely natural additives. Our products are preserved by increasing the PH value. We achieve this by using natural preservatives made from citric acid and various types of sugar such as glucose syrup (wheat starch), invert sugar, sucrose and honey.

What is Max Chocolatier 's position on regionality and quality?

We source as many seasonal ingredients as possible from Switzerland. But even more important to us than regionality is the quality of the products. For great quality, we use the best ingredients from all over the world.

How many employees does Max Chocolatier have ?

We currently have 16 family members: four in the boutique, four in chocolate production, two in packaging, six in the office, plus Max and Max's father, Patrik König.

Where does Max Chocolatier create the chocolate?

All our creations are created by hand in our Max Chocolatier design studio in Lucerne by four chocolatiers.

Where can I buy Max Chocolatier chocolate?

We have a boutique in the heart of Lucerne at Hertensteinstrasse 7 and one in Zurich at Schlüsselgasse 12, but our products can also be ordered worldwide in our online shop.


What does shipping with summer packing mean?

Due to the high temperature in summer, we only ship our products with special insulation bags and cooling elements. The normal shipping method is not available because the risk of melting the precious products is too great. However, the products can still be picked up free of charge in our boutiques.

Can I place an order for more than one recipient?

Yes, please send us an e-mail at services@maxchocolatier.com with your desired product and the addresses. We will gladly organise the shipping for you.

Are there any customs charges for international orders?

Yes, customs charges may apply to international orders. Customs costs are usually charged directly to the recipient. For gift shipments, Max Chocolatier settles the customs invoice and passes it on to the buyer.

Can I add a greeting card to my order?

Yes, you can easily select a greeting card during the ordering process and enter your desired text.

Where does Max Chocolatier ship to ?

The products can be ordered internationally and are delivered with FedEx Priority.

How long does shipping take after an order?

Shipping within Switzerland takes 2 - 3 working days. The products are sent with Post Priority.

International shipping with FedEx takes approximately 3 - 6 working days. However, shipping time may depend on external factors such as weather, load and customs, which Max Chocolatier does not control and is not liable for.


What means of payment are available to me?

An order can be paid for online using Twint or a credit card.


Can I rent Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio?

In our home, the Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studio, we create individual and high-quality events for our customers. Feel free to contact us with your ideas for a dream event and we will make it come true.

Does Max Chocolatier offer workshops?

In our beautiful Max Chocolatier Event and Design Studios we offer various Chocolate Tasting, Chocolate Making and Ice Cream Workshops, which can be booked directly through our website. The Design Studio is also a cozy and high quality location for various events, big or small. Together with our partners we create unforgettable events in the heart of Switzerland. Contact us for more information.

Corporate clients

How can I place a company order?

If you would like to place an order for a company or a larger order quantity, please contact us at services@maxchocolaiter.com or call us at 041 418 70 90.

Can I have Max Chocolatier chocolate personalised?

Yes, we would love to create your personal and individual Max Chocolatier creation together with you. There are no limits to your creativity. From boxes to chocolate stamps, we design your unique pieces of jewellery. Contact services@maxchocolatier.com for more information.


How must the products be stored?

It is best to store the delicacies in a dry place at approx. 18 degrees Celsius without direct sunlight.

Is Max Chocolatier chocolate gluten-free?

The raspberry branchli and individual truffles from the Christmas collection contain gluten and are labelled accordingly. However, the majority of our products are gluten-free.

Can I buy vegan chocolate at Max Chocolatier ?

Yes, we create a wide variety of vegan delicacies. In addition to chocolate bars, SchoggiPlättli or dragées, we also make a seasonal, vegan praline collection by hand.